just playing? working with clay

This post is the 5th in the series called "Just Playing?" Please join fellow bloggers in the series as we offer photo prompts of PLAY to provoke group reflective practice and give voice to the developmental values that are imbedded in play. Scroll to bottom of post to link up and to see who else has joined the series! 

Just Playing.
We have all heard this before, and maybe even said it ourselves:
The children are "just playing".   [gasp!] 

However, as early childhood educators, we really do know better than that.
Research knows better than that, too. Play is the healthiest and most authentic way children learn about themselves, about others and about the world they live in. A great Play resource is The National Institue for Play led by founder Dr. Stuart Brown.

This week's highlighted photos focus on a 4 year old girl working with clay - with her hands and with a clay cutting tool - to form, manipulate and deconstruct her exploration.

Questions for consideration:

What is happening in the photos?
Who are the players?
What materials are present?

What are the developmental values embedded - possibly - in the scenarios?

Why is any of this play important? 


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  1. Jeanne, I see creativity and it looks like she is realy working with a purpose in mind. Great workout for those fine motor skills!


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