places to find hope

The school I worked at for many years was affiliated with a church.
The families and children attending the school didn't have to be of that particular religion yet we did speak of god and holidays associated with a variety of religions.

What I especially loved about being a teacher at this school was witnessing how young children could connect with a spiritual side of feeling and knowing, seemingly deeper than perhaps how adults connect.

There are so many tough things that happen in the world and we all need some form of connection for support and HOPE.

The paintings in the post today are paintings that the children made for one of the church staff who - ironically - had her birthday on Christmas. This staff person had shared so many wonderful stories with the children of how you can find God - HOPE - everywhere, not just in a church.

The children made a collection of paintings to share where we thought we could find God ...where we could find HOPE when we need it. 

The original water paintings were made into a book of HOPE.
The book was given to the staff person to thank her for helping us think about the beauty of the world - the beauty of HOPE everywhere.


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