trapeze girl

Getting into costume to be trapeze girl.
A short story only my four-year-old friend Charlotte could have invented and one which makes me SEE her flying in a blue wig on a trapeze...
 "When I grow up - when I am sixteen and a half and 17 inches - I am going to be in the circus! Not the ice skating part but really inside where the trapeze is.
I am going to climb up the ladder and when the trapeze swings back I will catch the trapeze with my hands!
Then I will put my knees down on the trapeze part and flip off and go around and around with the pink jump rope sticking out so people know it is me up there!
 Also, I need a blue wig - that will make me trapeze girlWhen I take off my wig people will say 'hey, that's not a circus star trapeze girl - that's a little girl!'"
-charlotte, 4yo.-
Ready to be trapeze girl.

Charlotte always had a lot to say.
Usually, it involved HER in the middle
of some sort of adventure.
She would incorporate bits of true life
and many bits of
some other life she dreamed of living,
even at the age of four.

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