"Look in my hands!"

Most days at school I am the observer of discovery. Children play and invent and reinvent, and I document and photograph my interpretation of what is happening.
I love my days using my educator lens and valuing the children's work in the very moments it is all unfolding.

There are moments, as well, however, when discovery is delivered to me - literally - by the hands of children. This week, on one particular day, within a short time frame,
2 children came right up to me to show me their most beautiful findings.
My camera was ready.

"Look! I made a heart out of sand!"
"Look! I have a big metal rock and a small black rock!"

I love working in the world of children.

To be allowed to witness the discovery of Amazing and Beautiful things that exist in the world in the spontaneous time frame that children find them - well - that is the reason I continue to teach.

As adults we don't "discover" sand heart or rocks: I know I would not see these things anymore if it weren't for the children.

What have your children discovered lately that was amazing and beautiful?