100,000 views for clay, paint and dirt

Cheers to 2014.
With it, a landmark milestone was passed for Zella Said Purple: over 100,000 page views over the last three years. 
1.CLAY: My Break-up Letter with the Reggio Approach

I must say, while I had a small grin across my face when I discovered this number rolled over my page, I am a blogger with a different intention.

I started my blog as a way to have a reflective voice while I was out of the classroom for a year recuperating from ankle surgery. My public narrative of children's learning processes was a joy to write and actually changed my life as an educator.
2. PAINT: Be That Teacher
The weaving of these stories are the fabric of my teaching life.
I am lucky enough to blog when it strikes me, sometimes quiet for a length of time, sometimes writing in bursts.

With that said, it is cool to see what posts have been the Big Reads that resonated with or were shared by the masses. I don't write with that hope in mind, so it is a surprise when a topic or photo captures the attention of readers.

3. DIRT: For the Love of Dirt
When reviewing my most read posts, I had another grin on my face because surely only in early childhood could these three focuses be The Top 3 Posts: Clay, Paint and Dirt. The lead photos for these posts were absolutely highlighting young children's engagement with these elements. 
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gotta love clay paint dirt.