spring books: bunnies & friends

whimsical story w/ charming illustrations and curvy text.
I realized that I have been blogging for nearly five months and have yet to write about BOOKS I LOVE. 
Sure, I have posted stories written by some of my students. This post is to offer ideas from the educator side for read-alouds or enjoying books at home with your children. 
I dedicate this blog post to my father who always - ALWAYS - had a book with him.

Here are some spring favorites from my personal library (I have a lot of books) focusing on bunnies yet some ducks, moles and a tortoise got on the list, too! 

1. Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies.
Louise Mathews/Jeni Bassett
(has math integrated, yet fun read!)

2. The Bunny Who Found Easter.
Charlotte Zolotow/Helen Craig
(on the lookout for Easter!)

 3. Happy Easter, Davy.
Brigitte Weninger/Eve Tharlet
(Davy has a plan)

4. Duck on a Bike.
David Shannon
(hilarity as only David Shannon can produce)

5. The Easter Egg Artists.
Adrienne Adams
(artist bunnies!)

6. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole.
Jane Yolen/Kathryn Brown
(interesting creatures live underground!)

7. The Hare & The Tortoise.
Carol Jones
(fun version with 'I spy' cutouts)

8. The Ugly Duckling.
(Hans Christian Anderson)
Adapted by Jerry Pinkney
(Jerry Pinkney's book are always incredible)

9. The Velveteen Rabbit.
Margery Williams/Donna Green
(stunning illustrations!)

10. Wow! It's Great Being a Duck.
Joan Rankin
(a must read trickster tale - so clever!)

Do you have a favorite spring time or bunny-related book?

get out and play [maybe] like this...

gotta cross these bars...
Being amid children AT PLAY is one of the best parts of being an early childhood educator. 

See the energy.
See the joy.
See the way the body can move when... 
the - body - JUST - HAS - TO - move...
gotta get under this rope...

gotta drive this truck...
gotta parade with my friends...
gotta go up and down and up and down the twirly ladder...
gotta slide down the bumpy zig-zag slide...

gotta make an announcement...
gotta check on the chickens...
gotta work on a few green green green paintings...

gotta get ready TO GO OUTSIDE...
gotta stand on one foot like THIS...
gotta try for this soccer shot...
gotta have time with double hula hoops and a friend...
OUTSIDE is a huge, marvelous, special place to get your body - and your mind and your friendships and your laughter - going and going and going.
Play should look [maybe] like this: It should like like joy.

nest architects

Discovering a NEST is such an 
awe inspiring, special moment.
nest found on the ground by our fence.
the detailed work of the birds.

close up of all the twigs and bits that were weaved in this nest.

captivating to admire the work of these nest architects.

creating curves with natural items that are straight - impressive!

the beauty of the birds' work to create their home.

(by the way...no worries about the birds (no babies or eggs)...they started a new stronger nest higher in the trees!)
LOOK for natural phenomenon at this gorgeous time of year.
So incredibly spectacular to have a moment of WOW! when playing outside in springtime...
what do you SEE?  what do you HEAR?

the discovery of science

looking for science.
1. am THINKING about science today.

2. was WONDERING if I could find some exemplary photos.

3. was CURIOUS if there would be evidence to share that science exists everyday, inside and outside the classroom.

4. started with the PRESUMPTION that I would be surprised.

the science of PINK.

the science of COOPERATION.

the science of LIGHT.

the science of DOMINOES.
5. decided to COLLECT THE DATA to determine if science was, actually, right there in front of me.

the science of BALANCE.

the science of IMPRINT.

the science of WATER and SAND.

the science of PAINT.

the science of MAGNETS.

the science of ONE POTATO.
6. then EXAMINED the photos.
7. worked to CLASSIFY and REFLECT ON the photos.
the science of a NATURE WALK.

the science of COOKING.

the science of MOVEMENT and SPEED.

the science of YOUR FACE.

the science of ONE MARBLE.

the science of the GARDEN and TEAMWORK.

8. finally DETERMINED that I needed less photos - instead of more or all - for QUALITY instead of QUANTITY.
the science of the PARACHUTE.

the science of GOOPY STUFF.

the science of MUD MIXING.

the science of SIMPLE MACHINES.

the science of MOTION and HOOPS.

9. committed to SHARE MY FINDINGS.
the science of GLITTER.

the science of TESTING and DISCOVERY.

the science of INVESTIGATING.

the science of INFORMATION.
Got science?
look for it. discover it. invent it.