spring books: bunnies & friends

whimsical story w/ charming illustrations and curvy text.
I realized that I have been blogging for nearly five months and have yet to write about BOOKS I LOVE. 
Sure, I have posted stories written by some of my students. This post is to offer ideas from the educator side for read-alouds or enjoying books at home with your children. 
I dedicate this blog post to my father who always - ALWAYS - had a book with him.

Here are some spring favorites from my personal library (I have a lot of books) focusing on bunnies yet some ducks, moles and a tortoise got on the list, too! 

1. Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies.
Louise Mathews/Jeni Bassett
(has math integrated, yet fun read!)

2. The Bunny Who Found Easter.
Charlotte Zolotow/Helen Craig
(on the lookout for Easter!)

 3. Happy Easter, Davy.
Brigitte Weninger/Eve Tharlet
(Davy has a plan)

4. Duck on a Bike.
David Shannon
(hilarity as only David Shannon can produce)

5. The Easter Egg Artists.
Adrienne Adams
(artist bunnies!)

6. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole.
Jane Yolen/Kathryn Brown
(interesting creatures live underground!)

7. The Hare & The Tortoise.
Carol Jones
(fun version with 'I spy' cutouts)

8. The Ugly Duckling.
(Hans Christian Anderson)
Adapted by Jerry Pinkney
(Jerry Pinkney's book are always incredible)

9. The Velveteen Rabbit.
Margery Williams/Donna Green
(stunning illustrations!)

10. Wow! It's Great Being a Duck.
Joan Rankin
(a must read trickster tale - so clever!)

Do you have a favorite spring time or bunny-related book?


  1. "Duck on a Bike"! One of my all time favs. And so much fun to act out!
    Happy Easter, Jeanne!

  2. @Pam - yes, I love the goat who wants to EAT the bike in Duck on a Bike, so funny! I recommend 'Wow, it is Great Being a Duck' too - longer trickster story, wonderful illustrations as the "wolf" is slowly unveiled and inventive page layouts. JK acted this one out - we had 7 children playing the main character who is shown on the front of the book :)


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