"God was before everything - even before dinosaurs and pirates." anon, 5yo.

"One day I forgot what scribble looks like...just one day."
anna, 3yo.

"103 is a lot of fish, not a little. It is like 16." rose, 3yo.

"I love the whole world except the strangers part and the bad guys part." alexis, 4yo.

"I am two and a half and my sister is seven pounds for a dollar." kevin, 2yo.

"My daddy's car is the color of Nestle's Quik...it is the color when you first put it in the milk." jessica, 4yo.

"Let me tell you something. When it is all gone, that means zero." evan, 3yo.

"What if everything in the whole world, even the planets and stars, were made of pink paint?!" shannon, 5yo.

"I have a big scrape on my knee and a bump on my head. The bike path gave it to me." ian, 2yo.

"I have blue pockets at my home." nicole, 2yo.

"I have a jump." ian, 3yo.

"Here, read this book first. And, after that one, read this one first." andrew, 2yo.

"I can do it all by myself with you." christina, 3yo.

"But if I don't have a party, I will be 3 forever!" allie, 3yo.

"I am moving to Mexico in 10 minutes!" michael, 3yo.

"I fell and hurt right here but it doesn't hurt." matt, 3yo.

"Bad guys don't wear tights." nicole, 3yo.

"When I grow up, I want to be a seagull so I can eat garbage." alice, 3yo.

"Is yellow allergic to brown?" haley, 5yo.

 "Today was the best day ever in the whole world." lindsay, 5yo.

"Medium is near lots, right?" matt, 5yo.

"If you have a baby in Florida, it's a lot of work, you know, because of those alligators!" shannon, 4yo.

"You can't just have a birthday whenever you want. That wouldn't be fair!" sarah, 5yo.

"I am a big girl. I am so tall up to my face." rose, 3yo.

"Birds don't go up to Jupiter or Mars. They just go where the blue is." shannon, 4yo.


  1. okay, this is a great page! i might start one. : )

  2. @kristin - thanks! it is a never ending journey to collect the fantastic things children say!! have fun and start a page - I'll look for it!

  3. This brought a smile to my face!

  4. @Nadine - Thanks...I am smiling at your comment :)

  5. "I have blue pockets at my home", and "I am so tall up to my face". I can't decide which one made me laugh the most! So cute!

  6. @Sarah - Thanks for the favorite choices! I can see both girls' faces saying each quote with their own quirky personalities :)

  7. ...and this is why I teach preschool! Thank you for posting this for continued inspiration. My co-teacher and document similar 'funny' quotes throughout the school year. One of our faves this year was said after introducing the story Jack and the Beanstalk. 'B' said: "Oh! We have that at home, only it's a different virgin"!

    1. Glad you are also collecting quotes - they are priceless!


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