1. boulder journey school
  2. green school
  3. Innovative Teacher Project
  4. NAEYC
  5. NAREA
  6. National Institute For Play
  7. The Project Approach
  8. Project Zero
  9. Red Leaf Press
  10. Reggio Children
  11. Teachers College Press
  1. irresistible ideas for play based learning
  2. let the children play
  3. not just cute
  4. Teacher Tom
  5. childhood 101 
  6. moving smart 
  7. the chocolate muffin tree 
  8. atelierista
  9. flights of whimsy
  10. I'm a teacher, get me out of here 
  11. images of learning project 
  12. Regarding Baby


  1. As a BRAND new author for a Redleaf project I am just over-the-moon to see them listed here!!!!


  2. @Debbie...congrats on being a new author! Amazing! Love Redleaf Press!!

  3. You have some interesting sites here. Will be coming back with a cuppa to check them all out. Cheers

    1. Please do visit again - and you have reminded me to add more cool sites to this page!

  4. We try to follow various organizations involved with child creativity and just came across the National Institute for Play. It's an organization that studies the value of various types of play that children can experience. You might want to look at it for your list. (

    1. Gwynn
      Thanks so much for the recommendation to add National Institute for Play to the site list! Done! I should review my list and add more, for sure, and you have inspired me! Thanks again.


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