what if the beach was your classroom?

My husband and I just returned from vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. While of course we did our own adult exploring, dining, surfing, boating and such, my eye was never too far to observe children at play. I find it fascinating to see how parents 'allow' play (or don't) when in a vacation setting. 
Free Play? What if the beach - the idea of the beach - was the mentality of how you ran your classroom and determined your role along with the children's roles?
When we were walking along the beaches of Poipu on the south shore, I observed these children playing on the rocks, holding various nets. There was a male adult standing just off the water's edge and as the children would run up the beach, the adult would casually follow to be nearby yet never interfered or directed where the children 'should be.' 
[I must admit, I took some photos trying to look like I was taking a photo of the shoreline - not wanting to appear oddly stalker-ish - yet I was trying desperately to get some shots of the children (no faces) as they embraced their rich play at the water's edge.]
The children would do their own independent searching for treasure of one kind or another then return to their huddle to share their findings.
The adult supported the very youngest child to join the four explorers.
 So, what IF you set the tone of your classroom in the spirit of beach exploration and the adult who was nearby yet not involved directly in the children's play?
So, what IF you set your environment with the basic needs for exploration - blocks, paint, sand, peers - and then you yourself faded into the background ever so sleekly?
So, what IF?
So, why not?
You can YOU CAN allow the environment - the beach, the mountains, the desert, the city - to be your inspiration for exploring in the classroom. Give the children their space and time and - Zella's motto - the children will show you the rest.