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There are so many amazing, classic, humorous, informative, short, long, language rich, family friendly books to read aloud to children. Here is a starter list of some of the books I own, all of which I have read to 4s & 5s during my career as a pre-k teacher and know they are hits :)

  1. A Fine, Fine School (sharon creech) click here for zella review
  2. A Frog in the Bog (karma wilson)
  3. A Million Chameleons (james young)
  4. A Piece of String (judy hindley)
  5. Abiyoyo (pete seeger)
  6. Appelemando's Dream (patricia polacco)
  7. Babushka's Doll (patricia polacco)
  8. Book (george ella lyon)
  9. Borreguita and the Coyote (verna aardema)
  10. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain (verna aardema)
  11. But Excuse Me That is My Book (lauren child)
  12. Caramba (marie-louise gay)
  13. Charlie and Lola (all) (lauren child)
  14. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type (doreen cronin)
  15. Dear Mr. Blueberry (simon james)
  16. Double Trouble in Walla Walla (andrew clements)
  17. Duck on a Bike (david shannon)
  18. Epossumondas (coleen salley
  19. Foolish Rabbit's Big Mistake (rafe martin)
  20. Franklin (all) (paulette bourgeois)
  21. Friends (rob lewis)
  22. Frog and Toad (arnold lobel)
  23. Frog in Love (max velthujis)
  24. Galimoto (karen lynn williams)
  25. Hannah the Hippo's No Mud Day (iris hiskey)
  26. Heckedy Peg (audrey wood)
  27. Home Place (crescent dragonwagon)
  28. I Like Myself (karen beaumont)
  29. I Want to Be (thylias moss)
  30. I Wish I Were a Butterfly (james howe)
  31. If You Find a Rock (peggy christian)
  32. If You Take a Mouse... (all) (numeroff)
  33. In the Forest (marie hall ets)
  34. Ish (peter reynolds)
  35. King Bidgood's in the Bathtub (audrey wood)
  36. Kofi and his Magic (maya angelou)
  37. Library Lion (michelle knudsen)
  38. Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (kevin henkes)
  39. little blue and little yellow (leo lionni)
  40. Love Your Neighbor (arthur dobrin)
  41. Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice (sylvia rosa-casanova)
  42. Math Fables (greg tang)
  43. moja means one (muriel feelings)
  44. Mouse Paint (ellen stoll walsh)
  45. Mrs. Toggle's Zipper (robin pulver)
  46. Murgatroyd's Garden (judy zavos)
  47. My Father's Dragon (ruth stiles gannett)
  48. New Shoes for Sylvia (johanna hurwitz)
  49. Old Bear (jane hissey)
  50. Olivia (all) (ian falconer)
  51. One of Each (mary ann hoberman)
  52. Places of Power (michael demunn)
  53. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (eric carle)
  54. Princess Furball (charlotte huck)
  55. Purple Hair? I Don't Care! (dianne young)
  56. Quick as a Cricket (audrey wood)
  57. Rosy's Visitors (judy hindley)
  58. Roxaboxen (alice mclerran)
  59. Ruby the Copycat (peggy rathman)
  60. So Few of Me (peter reynolds)
  61. Stella Louella's Runaway Book (lisa campbell ernst)
  62. Stellaluna (janell cannon)
  63. Stone Soup (ann mcgovern)
  64. Strega Nona (all) (tomie depaola)
  65. Swimmy (leo lionni)
  66. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (william steig)
  67. Tar Beach (faith ringgold)
  68. Ten Black Dots (donald crews)
  69. The Dancing Deer and the Foolish Hunter (elisa kleven)
  70. The Dot (peter reynolds)
  71. The Enchanted Flute (angela mcallister)
  72. The Flying Dragon Room (audrey wood)
  73. The Gruffalo (julia donaldson)
  74. The Hare and the Tortoise (carol jones)
  75. The Lion and the Little Red Bird (elisa kleven)
  76. The Little Band (james sage)
  77. The Mouse Who Owned the Sun (sally derby)
  78. The Paper Princess (elisa kleven)
  79. The Polar Express (chris van allsburg)
  80. The Quiltmaker's Gift (jeff brumbeau)
  81. The Rainbabies (laura krauss melmed)
  82. The Red Chalk (iris van der heide)
  83. The Salamander Room (anne mazer)
  84. The Secret Shorcut (mark teague)
  85. The Seven Silly Eaters (mary ann hoberman)
  86. The Signmaker's Assistant (tedd arnold)
  87. The Story of Jumping Mouse (john steptoe)
  88. The Talking Eggs (robert san souci)
  89. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig (eugene trivizas)
  90. The Tub People (pam conrad)
  91. Thundercake (patricia polacco)
  92. Tops and Bottoms (janet stevens)
  93. Two Bad Ants (chris van allsburg)
  94. Where are you going Manyoni? (catherine stock)
  95. Where the Wild Things Are (maurice sendak)
  96. Wow! It is Great Being a Duck! (joan rankin)


  1. LOVE THIS LIST!!!!! I am a new follower and our house is a reading house. We have about 75% of these books now and are looking for others to add. Thank you!

  2. @N. Nicholes - thanks!! Wonderful to find other book lovers :) I feel like I should continually update and add to this list...there are soooo many fantastic books for young children. And, thanks for following my blog!

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    1. Bebe. Thank you so much for your interest and enjoyment of the book list! I appreciate the encouragement to update the list - it is now on my To Do list for sure! There are so many wonderful books published in the last number of years that are now among my favorite read-alouds, too. Do you have some favorites that I might add? I just read Caramba by Marie-Louise Gay, which is already on the above list, with my mixed age 3-5 year old group - still a huge hit and the humor is spot on for this age group :) Cheers to reading aloud!


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