four stories

Teaching means meeting amazing invented characters..
April First.
Only been blogging for four months.
Has changed my perspective, my writing, my connections globally with early childhood educators. Has changed my life. 
Wanted to re-introduce four stories that are favorites of mine from each month I have been blogging (just in case you missed them and Zella wasn't part of your blog life yet :)

Cheers to...
December 2010:   
"I need dirty water"
making friends, planning, joining into a game.
January 2011:  
the umbrella hat
writing a full story, listening to children.
February 2011:   
math sightings
authentic math, materials, explorations.
March 2011:  
parachutes and hula hoops
get outside.

Thanks for reading and supporting Zella Said Purple. cheers.

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