the art of stacking

boxes and number blocks used for stacking.

Materials for STACKING and engaging young children.

flat stack of rectangle blocks.

different size and shaped blocks, stacked in a tower design.
group work to create this balanced tower of alphabet boxes.

snap blocks stacked high, with extra at base for balance.

classic materials for young child to restack, restack, restack.

wood blocks stacked for this dinosaur look-out tower!

tree parts to stack and stack with larger base at bottom.

Different ways to think about size, color, balance.

Different ways to think.

complex stacking, balancing, stacking.
varied materials for stacking and designing - visual interest and whimsy.
magnetic stacks, piece by piece, part by part, higher and higher.
cones, cube blocks, and tubes are stacked as two boys continue their play.

Different ways to think about working alone, with a friend or with a group.

Different ways to think about quantity, geometry, symmetry.
cube blocks stacked in a complex tower on a mirrored base.
kapla blocks stacked in four tall stacks, with bears atop.
magnets stacked to stay together in one line.

patterns, colors, shapes and sizes all in one game.

this kind of stacking is no accident - wow.

hmmm, stacking curved items within themselves? impressive.
 stacks, stacks, stacks.

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