egg collector project

three straps with side collection tray Egg Collector...just add fluff.
We had a tradition 
in my 4s/5s class the last few years that I was at the particular school which was church affiliated. We began doing a mini-project around spring/easter to "study baskets and anything that carries something else" (backpacks, toolboxes, purses, snackbags and on and on).
tall, bent handle with pocket side collection area for Eggs!

* We made lists of different "collectors" from around the classroom and ones we could think of together.

individual basket makers at work...!
one strap with zipper-style cuts on the side...double strap with front extra egg tray!

triple handle in one direction, one handle in the other direction!

* We made lists of different attributes of different collectors - strap handle, double handle, shoulder straps, zippers, flaps, thin, wide, deep, double storage, long storage, low storage, soft, hard, bendable.

* We collected recyclables to begin planning our own Egg Collector to use for our Egg Hunt.

* We examined the recyclable and materials we collected.

* We drew plans for our individual Egg Collector.
"would you like to add anything here?..."
wide single strap plus movable side collector...ready for the hunt!

criss-cross handles, zipper side cuts...lost of room for Eggs!
"Maybe I would like":
...a low basket with three handles. use a long tube to stack my eggs inside and a have one long rope handle. use cardboard to build my own basket shape, then add a "side collector" for extra eggs (just in case!).
...criss-cross handles. decorate my Egg Collector with polka-dot paint...or stripes...or all purple!

straps over the basket, handles on the side, and a side tray!
large green handle with polka dots!

When we put our baskets to work, it was so exciting! There is something so fabulous and rewarding and "wow" when we are contributors to our own adventure: there is something so fabulous when WE are the creators, WE are the inventors, and WE make our ideas come to life (even in a basket!).
Of course, this really is no secret.
Off we went on The Hunt...
holding our Egg Collectors securely AND  trying to scout for eggs before we hear "Hunt!"
The cheery smile is a good indicator that her Egg Collector really worked.
the double tray really worked well for this collector!
Egg Collector full of eggs in both trays with the fluff underneath.
Exploring our collection of treasures inside the eggs!
"Look what I got!!"..."What did you get?"
Egg Collector Group Celebration!

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  1. I so remember this "collectors" tradition around easter baskets. Children love to collect and transport... anything. I often wonder whether it's the collecting or the transporting that spurs them on... of course it is both, I suppose. It is wonderful to watch even the youngest children manipulate two items together, whether it be pegs into holes, or dumping and pouring, or gathering and transporting items in purses or baskets for a 'picnic'. There is power in the "Having" and in the "Moving", I think.
    See you Monday!

  2. @Pam - YES to your thoughts on Collecting and Transporting - the modern version of "hunting and gathering" I suppose. I loved discovering purses filled with kitchen items and necklaces, small hands gripped with natural gems from outside, and pockets filled with very very important treasure. Cheers to finding, keeping and giving away...

  3. I love the way you planned it all out, giving it an extra dimension rather than just making or finding a standard basket. It's added a lot of thought, planning and creativity as well as fun.

  4. I love all the planning that has gone into your baskets. It makes them really special.

  5. @Deb and Catway - thanks for the support for our basket project! It was a creative way to do a "study" with an science/art connection to a holiday experience. Each basket was unique to each unique child!

  6. I love this!! Never thought of it. We make traps for Leprechauns and build for other holidays, but Easter was always just decorating eggs (except the year my son wanted to catch the Easter Bunny). Thank you for sharing!


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