parachutes and hula hoops

what could be better?
What do YOU think of when you try to remember your own "outside time" or "recess" when you were 3 or 4 or 5 years old?

a yoga move? excellent balance, focus and effort.
teamwork, sand, shovels, tubes, water, buckets and a plan.

Do you remember what
your games
looked like?

can you feel that...? the cool sand on your feet...?

Do you remember
how the sand felt in your hands?

this boy LOVED to use the water hose everyday - on trucks, shoes, rivers, friends.
hands on, hands in, always in the pink hat.
Do you remember 
bikes and basketballs and chickens?
hard to choose to ride when there is such an amazing giant blue bouncy ball nearby.
the scooter and the boy's shadow....

I can make this...!

giving water to the chicken in the garden area.

Do you remember laughing and moving your body
and  - of course - trying to work a hula-hoop?
this 4yo KNEW how to do double hula hoops! practice, practice, practice.
get the children outside.
be outside.



  1. @jenny - thanks :) sincerely appreciate your support!

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful! And no, I never really did get the hang of the hula hoop for more than 2-3 turns, but I sure kept trying and trying! Great Stuff!

  3. @moving smart - thanks for the support and am so glad to have discovered YOUR blog!!


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