once upon a marble

what if there was just one marble?
what if there was a story about this marble?
what if the children could create a longer story about this one little marble sitting on this one long block?

once upon a time there was a marble who couldn't roll...
Do you think you can guess what these children are about to begin?
Can you guess what might happen with a group of children who are part of a classroom where their ideas are valued, expected and uplifted?
What kind of journey is this marble about to go on??
please offer comments below if YOU have any ideas what might be starting here...

more of this story to follow in the next blog :)


  1. I can imagine that draw a building. The piece of marble belongs to the building;
    I can imagine that draw a mountain. The piece of marble was taken off the mountain ...

  2. @ofelia - thanks for your ideas!


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