nest architects

Discovering a NEST is such an 
awe inspiring, special moment.
nest found on the ground by our fence.
the detailed work of the birds.

close up of all the twigs and bits that were weaved in this nest.

captivating to admire the work of these nest architects.

creating curves with natural items that are straight - impressive!

the beauty of the birds' work to create their home.

(by the worries about the birds (no babies or eggs)...they started a new stronger nest higher in the trees!)
LOOK for natural phenomenon at this gorgeous time of year.
So incredibly spectacular to have a moment of WOW! when playing outside in springtime...
what do you SEE?  what do you HEAR?


  1. Love the nests!

    I'm awarding you The Versatile Blogger Award!

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  2. @Melissa - thanks for the comment and the "award" ! I will pay it forward to more fellow bloggers!


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