appreciation for the half-alive flower

the appreciation that comes when you SEE a child loving school.
Today is "national teacher appreciation" day.

School communities come together in a chosen way to say 'thank you' to their teachers.
Certainly, a lovely gesture overall.

Over the years, I have absolutely appreciated being appreciated by the families in my class.
It has often been a dear, sweet gift of TIME out of the classroom for a hosted lunch. Or, perhaps a collective gift made by the children during some "top secret" project time that the teachers didn't know about (we did, but we said we didn't :)

"Oh, wow, look at that...!"
painted vases, colorful murals, scrapbooks of amazing photos, magical wands, artwork and letters and songs and dances...
My favorite part is saying Thank You back to the children and families to see their delighted faces that THEIR efforts to appreciate me were truly appreciated.

Here's the thing, though:
I have never needed this exact, planned appreciation from the children and families.

I have always received appreciation daily from them
in the moments that are just flickers: 
1.  the hand on my arm to check in about something
2. the half-alive flower brought by the student from their garden that morning
3. the "good morning" hug, and even more wonderful -
4. the child who says HELLO and just strides right past me to get to their friends who are already playing in the classroom.
I am very appreciative of my job because it is actually my life.  
I am appreciative of the families that have given me the stories that have made up my school memories and, in turn, the content of this blog.

Cheers to 
being grateful, appreciative and thankful for the FLICKERS of wonder that make up a teacher's day.

Hope YOU have a day with flickers and moments...
from, zella.


  1. ahhh... to be appreciated is such a warm feeling

  2. @Pam...exactly! Consider yourself appreciated!


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