sandbox treasure hunting

ahhh, the feeling of cool sand on your feet...
I can hide my feet under the sand!
Besides their bare feet  - children love to HIDE things in the sandbox - treasure, shovels, rocks!
If you add a few "unusual" sandbox items for your children, they WILL FIND THEM because children are fabulous discoverers!
I have added sequins, shells and small sparkly bits and it sure doesn't take long til you hear a child come up to you and say..."LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN THE SANDBOX!!"  Games of HIDE & SEEK or I SPY are soon happening with groups of friends!

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  1. Love it, simple and fun! I think I'll add a little "treasure basket" perfect for collecting!

  2. @Jill - Perfect to add a basket for collecting treasure, lovely idea :) Thanks for the comment!


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