children in motion

Children MOVING is such a lovely sight...
Have you ever tried to RACE AND CATCH a parachute??!
Get your MOVE ON with your students!
Hoop ROLLING and a student trying to CATCH it to DIVE through!
This student is about to dive THROUGH the hoop IN MOTION! Very impressive!
We always have to TEST RUN our self-made kites right outside of our classroom to make sure that FLIGHT works!
Do you think this SHOT went THROUGH THE HOOP? ... Swish!
A favorite photo of a student TWISTING and SWIRLING with DOUBLE HOOPS!
And, sometimes, being on THE MOVE
means taking some quiet time with friends...
Taking a NATURE WALK with friends can be a wonderful ADVENTURE!
Get MOVING with colorful parachutes, hula hoops, kites, basketballs, nature and friends! 
 Get YOUR move on!


  1. LOVE this!! Hope you know about my other blog -- we always have lots of movement ideas.

    Great pix. Move, play & learn is the way to go!

    :-) Bethe @balmeras

  2. @Bethe - thanks for support :) I love your bodysmart blog and your movement ideas! cheers.


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