"I am beautiful"

I was looking for these two photos for my  "Mirror That!" post from a few days ago.
I discovered them and had to share...

This student had been one to love to dress up and create scenarios for herself. At the beginning of the school year, she didn't play much yet with other students, preferring to play her own games on her own time.
She did, however, use a lot of private speech - sometimes an actual conversation with herself, sometimes just commentary on her own actions.

Here she is admiring herself in the MIRROR after having put on a pink flowy dress, a purple star-studded cape (handmade by my mother, by the way!) and a sparkly necklace.

"I wonder IF I am beautiful..."
"Oh, yes, I AM beautiful...!"
Private Speech in the classroom is not always as 'private' as the word implies - it is a different kind of speech for an independent child and a different kind of listening by the teacher.
So lovely to overhear such an amazing sense of self.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


  1. Hi there, I love this article. I believe this is where it all starts, loving yourself the way you are. Great job for encouring and letting her be.
    Have a nice weekend, Angelique :)

  2. @Angelique - thanks so much! I agree - children with a strong sense of self can navigate their school days so much easier and with joy :)


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