what if you had a pen?

the monster made of circles, squiggles, zig-zags, & curves.
The having of a pen.
Swirls. Numbers. Colors. Shapes. Books.
Letters. Words. Airplanes. Trucks. Monsters.
Invitations. Celebrations.

Children experiment with writing and drawing tools throughout the school day... PERHAPS during early morning time before many other students arrive at school.
PERHAPS during a small group experience to try out a new technique or new drawing surface. PERHAPS during the open work time where students choose where they wish to explore for long periods of time.

the swirls, the dots, the letters...this penned piece even has a handle for flying.

friendship book all in purple...sometimes you just need one bright pen.
yellow 'space stations' and black-penned monsters...the having of your own idea.
numbers are the most challenging shapes/lines to form when you are four.

making her own maze to follow in pen...well done.

Most of the children who have created the drawings, invitations, books, and designs in the photos today are four- or five-years-old.
The purposeful-ness of their work indicates that they have been able to explore and invent with pens for years leading up to these works. 
this boy started the school year uninterested in drawing or writing...voila!
can you tell that this girl named Sophie R. wrote a note to herself?
this boy had incredible hand-eye coord...he could mimic the fonts from different print sources!
these girls were hunting for words around the classroom for their 'word collections'.
one page in this boy's 'book of words' -  written in rainbow.
Their work indicates they value their own efforts on paper.
Their work indicates that the 'having of a pen' has given a voice and life to their explorations.
PERHAPS you will see the joy, the colors, the humor, the friendship, the focus, the calm, the intention.
The having of a pen. Is. A. Gift.
a program made by children for our performance play (credits written by the teacher).


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  1. I recognize a few of these friends... We have special pens that we call 'thinking pens'- to use when we are really thinking about a theory.
    I like that.
    I like pens.


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