not-scary books for halloween

Gotta love happy reads for Halloween time. 
I appreciate books that are kid-friendly and are not scary for the <5 year old group.
Granted, some kids do like scary books, yet generally in a class group of children there will be 1-3 who don't like to be scared.
So, I just leave the potentially scary stuff for children to individually check out from the school library or with their guardians.

Books about Pumpkins:
  1. Picking Apples & Pumpkins. Amy & Richard Hutchings. Real photos at a farm!
  2. The Pumpkin Patch. Elizabeth King. A real pumpkin patch.
  3. Pumpkin Pumpkin. Jeanne Titherington. Growing your own pumpkin.

Book about the Day of the Dead:
  1. Felipa and the Day of the Dead. Birte Muller. Felipa looks for the long-lasting soul of her grandmother, Abuelita. Beautifully written & Illustrated.

Books for the Fun of Halloween:
  1. Franklin's Halloween. Paulette Bourgeois/Brenda Clark. Franklin book series is so appropriate for children!
  2. Georgie. Robert Bright. A ghost looking for a friendly haunted house.
  3. Boo! Made You Jump! Lauren Child. Love Charlie & Lola?? Of course!
  4. Pumpkin Soup. Helen Cooper. It takes teamwork to make good soup!
  5. The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. Margery Cuyler/Will Hillenbrand. Choose the pumpkin YOU like best!
  6. Room on a Broom. Julia Donaldson/Axel Sheffler. Adventures on a crowded broom!
  7. Angelina's Halloween. Katharine Holabird/Helen Craig. Angelina series.
  8. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever. Steven Kroll/Jeni Bassett. Two mice tending to 2 pumpkins for the Big Contest!
  9. Bats at the Library. Brian Lies. Did you know Bats love to read???
  10. Big Pumpkin. Erica Silverman/S.D. Schindler Best best best recorded tape/CD - must get! Teamwork of ghost, bat, mummy, vampire to help witch get her pumpkin!
  11. Winnie the Witch. Valerie Thomas/Korky Paul. Colorful adventure of Winnie!
  12. Winnie Flies Again. Valerie Thomas/Korky Paul.
  13. Winnie's Midnight Dragon. Valerie Thomas/Korky Paul.
  14. Too Many Pumpkins. Linda White/Megan Lloyd. What if accidentally you had a yard FULL of pumpkins and you didn't even like pumpkins???
  15. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. Linda White/Megan Lloyd. A huge favorite, great call-response, so wonderful & surprise ending!
  16. The Teeny Tiny Ghost. Kay Winters/Lynn Munsinger. The ghost who didn't like to be scary or loud!
  17. On Halloween Night. Harriet Ziefert/Renee Andriani. Repetition, rhyme, & colorful illustrations as one girl gets the elements of her costume on for Halloween night!
Happy Reading!
Do YOU have a favorite Halloween book?


  1. I am so excited to share this with you, because I know you're going to love it. It is a non-scary Halloween book with very few words, but a lovely gentle spirit, and a lesson (not at all heavy handed or preachy) about cooperation and friendship. We discovered it at the library last week, and both the six year old and the two and a half year old I care for ask for it again and again. It is called Broom, Zoom! and is written by Caron Lee Cohen.

  2. @Lisa - Ohhhh, thanks for the recommendation! I think I love the book already just by the title 'Broom, Zoom!' Thanks for adding to the book list!

  3. this is such a wonderful list! "go away big green monster" is another one, that they want to read over and over. it's very empowering.

  4. @anonymous - Oh, yes, "Go Away Big Green Monster" is a wonderful addition to the list! Thanks!


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