a work of [robot] art

Sometimes that just sums it up. Wow.

Please admire the tremendously creative, talented, fuzzy-soft work of Wendy Tsao of the ever-fabulous Child's Own Studio . Wendy has a gifted eye for taking a child's art or drawing work and allowing it to come to life via her fabrics and sewing talents.

I had put in a request for one of her one-of-a-kind productions by sending her a drawing of a Robot Monster done by 4-year-old Cole. I let Wendy know that Cole loves friendly things and he loves Where The Wild Things Are...and then Wendy did the rest.

Thank you to Wendy for making me smile when I think of adults living a life that is full of the joy and invention that is Childhood. Wendy's work is just that.

drawing of a friendly robot monster by 4yo Cole

Wendy of Child's Own Studio invented this softie model

Don't you love that the robot has 4 arms? Wendy posed him with 2 arms crossed :)

The details and furry fabric chosen by Wendy are perfectly suited for Wild Things!

Arrived at our house and ready to be gifted to the artist!

Talent talent talent
to make a Robot Monster look friendly and cheerful.
What do you think of the drawing turned softie?


  1. Such an awesome idea! His turned out great! Now I want one for my daughter. :)

    1. Good luck! You should definitely contact Wendy!

  2. This is fantastic! It's amazing that the softie looks so much like the drawing. It definitely made me smile.

    1. Scott - I agree, the drawing turned softie is quite remarkable!

  3. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!!!! It is just exactly like the drawing come to life! So awesome!

    1. Hello Kate!
      I know, right? Wendy is truly an artist to bring the drawing to life like she did here with the robot!


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