teaching from the empty swing

Have you ever NOT been in the classroom during a normal school year? Put a giant PAUSE button on your teaching life?

Without children in my days, it is like lacking a food source.
I am afforded the opportunity for reflection on my blogging life and my teaching life.
This opportunity comes in the form of some recovery time at home after having wrist surgery last week. I will be out of my classroom position for at least one month, and we'll see from there how I am doing and when I can return.

The irony in this break from teaching is that I get unbroken time to appreciate the journey of this blog.

I actually started Zella over 3 years ago on a recommendation from the director of my former school who knew I was home recovering from - then - ankle surgery. She offered the idea of a blog, that maybe while I lay at home with my leg elevated, I would maybe give myself something to do with my photographs and learning stories of young children.
Hmm. Interesting idea.

As it turns out, it was an idea that literally changed my professional life.

My blog has connected me with amazing people from around the world, from
Teacher Tom to
Jenny at Let The Children Play to
Anna at The Imagination Tree to
Rachelle at Tinkerlab,
and around the world a few more times.

The blog has given me a voice to share the authentic learning of young children as they engage in their own choices of play:
Following Emily 

The blog has given me a voice to say Teachers, you are the force of change and for knowing what is the healthiest learning for young children. Teachers, tell your families that choices and time and natural materials are right, absolutely right : 
Be That Teacher

The blog has given me connections in real life to uplift and encourage social networking for schools as a real, valuable form of communication. Real. Valuable.
This was my most wide spread post on how to be inspired by pedagogy yet how to be grounded enough to commit to the school and culture where you truly teach:
My Break-up Letter With The Reggio Approach

Currently, I am formatting a blog for my school and doing some social networking for them. It is exciting work to be at the beginning of something. To know an amazing school will soon share about their amazing [simple] work of dedicated play with young children.

So, the swing is empty for now yet the stories runneth over.


  1. How exciting to be working on a blog for your school! I hope your wrist heals well.

    1. MaryAnne - Yes, pretty exciting! Lots of details to sort through yet so thrilling. Thanks for the healing thoughts! I sure miss the lovely families I usually see each day :)

  2. Hope recovery is good for you. Interested in your current journey as I am trying to persuade my school down same route. Will follow with interest...

    1. Kierna
      Thank you for the good wishes! Would love to hear more about your current journey with your school, maybe we can share discretely via fb. cheers. Jeanne

  3. Isn't it interesting how blogging can lead to so many things? I'm thankful for your blog and I'll be interested to see where your current journey takes you. If I can get settled somewhere in my new adventure I would like to push my school toward more blogging.

    1. Scott
      Thank you for the support. Yes, blogging has allowed for a personal and professional journey that is unmatched by any other vehicle for professional development. I know you have also been on a transitional road so best wishes are sent to you for continued growth and and opportunity.


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