the ink monster

How to create an ink robot monster while sitting next to your best friend at the art table:
Space Station guys in all yellow ink and Robot Monster in all black ink. Of course.
Start with one black pen, then draw!
[So simple]
Here are two boys who chose to work next to each other at the art table  - they are best friends - and both have their own vision of what will come to life on their paper: their unique vision, their unique hand-eye coordination, their unique motivation to create what they will create.

Doesn't it fascinate you to see what children will create 
when their time is THEIR TIME?
Robot Ink Monster. Completed. Please admire.

Consider the alternative IF I HAD TO BE "in charge" of art time:
How would I know to offer the one boy only a yellow pen and the other boy only a black pen?
How would I know that one paper should be turned wide and the other paper turned tall?
How would I know to direct them to outer space for their vision and to write space terms?


I wouldn't.

Art and time is for the children.
Our job is to provide materials, variety of spaces to create, and time. 
How hard is that? it is not.

[so simple].


  1. Jeanne, what a lovely post this is! I wish I could work with you, enter in your classroom so now and then. Thanks always for the inspiration and looking at things differently.
    Lovely greetings, Angelique

  2. This 'side by side' is very special. Love the robot ink moster and his neighbouring space station. Love the art and time.

  3. @Angelique and Jo : Thanks so much for your supportive comments! The Ink Monster was such a great whimsical drawing by the one boy - I was so surprised to see all the detail, shape and sort of "happy" face :)


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