friday thank you notes 09.02

Thank you to bloggers this week that continue to make me think and rethink about children, my role, my intentions and also the joy of teaching.

Links worth a visit & a read:

6. Childhood101 'Play Grown Learn' new e-magazine!

have a fabulous weekend! 
and happy reading.


  1. Thank you for bringing me into contact with more reggio lovers! Also the teachers working and explorign as children together warms my heart...The innerchild is jumping with joy with all the great playideas of Christie :)
    Have a nice loving weekend Jeanne.

  2. @Angelique - Yes, RE is such an inspiration and is lovely to see it interpreted via so many schools world-wide. And, definitely, Christie really outdid herself with the new Playzine - amazing! cheers.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog. I found your site because through your site I got a hit from Italy. I work with a woman who has been to Reggio three times and she encourages plenty of dialogue about documentation. I really liked your post on no rules. I second everything you said. Tom

  4. @Tom - glad you found me via someone in the blogosphere :) Your sand & water table inventions, ideas and explorations are fabulous! Thx for the support for 'no rules' - let the children get to work, right?


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