ready. set. launch!

Don't you love it when something INCREDIBLE is dreamed then created?

It takes a certain, very special vision to do both - the dream AND the actual realization of the dream.

Christie from the ever-inspiring Childhood101 did just that. She dreamed something "bigger than her blog" and created one of the most gorgeous, informative and accessible early education publications I have ever seen.

Here's the big news:
Christie has just launched her e-magazine, her First Issue of her Playzine...
'Play. Grow. Learn. Because Play Matters'  and you can get your own very first issue, just Click HERE to view, download and read read read!

You will find something for every age group, home and school, parents and educators, outdoors and indoors. There are guest writers from the blogosphere offering fantastic articles on a variety of topics - super hero capes, games, block towers, parties, cooking & more! The photos alone are worth the download, seriously.

Incredibly, Zella Said Purple has the honor of being part of the 'Play Online' bloggers section which also uplifts Sherry & Donna from Irresistible Ideas, Jenny from Let The Children Play, Amanda from Not Just Cute, and Tom from Teacher Tom.

Very impressive is that Christie has allowed her dream to be shared by and with so many other parents & educators!
Huge Congratulations to Christie! 
Yet, quite selfishly really, we all get to be part of the INCREDIBLE by reading the First Issue and eagerly anticipating the next quarterly publication!

Ready. Set. Go Get your copy!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jeanne. It really was a labour of love and the realisation of a dream :)

  2. @Christie - best of luck and I look forward to writing for a future edition!


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