edublog nominations! (clap, clap)

The Edublog Awards are here!

I will start with a personal admission: I am not usually a fan of the awards kinds of things, the center of attention kind of things. I prefer the focus to be the children, period, and my role is to fade out as much as possible to allow the children to shine.

The Edublogs are a bit different. Or, at least, I perceive them to be different because they exist within the blogosphere and are cloaked by professional development and networking.
I see the nominations in the Edublogs Awards to be a valued acknowledgment by e-colleagues to recognize bloggers For Their Inspiration in their specialized field (early education, in my case).

I appreciate the acknowledgments I have received already by other bloggers. Literally, just being nominated by them has uplifted my efforts of my blogging work and my support of others' work.

I follow many many blogs and now - in return - it is quite difficult to reason out who I would like to most Thank For Their Inspiration by nominating them for an Edublog Award. 

With THANKS to all bloggers who have supported and commented on Zella...
I offer these nomination for this year's Edublog Awards:

Best Individual Blog:  Teacher Tom  the powerhouse blogger for early childhood education

Best Individual Tweeter:  Brick by Brick  ECE networker & support extraordinaire 

Best Group Blog: Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning  global community builders

Best Teacher Blog: Let the Children Play  the queen of all blogs & cheerleader for all bloggers 

Most Influential Blog Post:  Teacher Tom's "Spoiled Brats"  a must must must read  

Clap. Clap. Clap.


  1. Great nominations! Each one is certainly worthy and contribute SO much to early childhood!

  2. Oh, thank you Jeanne. It has been such a pleasure this year to "meet you" - I feel thrilled to have your nomination because I am such a big admirer of your own work and your passion and thoughtfulness make me think too - always a good thing :)


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