year one for zella!

the enthusiasm I feel for my first year of blogging!
I started blogging one year ago today.

I was encouraged to start blogging by a professional mentor who thought I might enjoy the creative aspects of writing along with incorporating my classroom photos and educational theory. It was a gift that I didn't know would be Such A Gift: Blogging has been the richest form of professional development and networking that I have ever experienced, and it only keeps getting richer and better.

Thanks to all the readers, bloggers, educators, and parents for offering support and comments over the year via this blog, twitter or FB. I am inspired daily reading so many fabulous blogs that inform my own teaching and enrich my lens on valuing childrens learning and development.

In celebration of Year One For Zella, here are my 5 favorite posts from the last year...


My five-year-old friend Mimi loved to draw. That's all she really loved to do.
Hmmm, let me be more clear: Mimi really really loved drawing mermaids.

2. Word Bank Treasures
Using a Word Bank in your classroom is an exciting, hands-on way to offer words to children to USE without imposing direct teaching methods.


3. choices turn into "I Need to Do This"
During Choice Time, the children direct themselves in or out of the classroom, engaging with peers and materials and teachers. During Choice Time, teachers have the opportunity to listen and observe, photograph, document...

4. Moving at the Speed of Children
People have often asked me how I can work with young children. 
"Aren't they wild and busy and on-the-go all the time?
Don't they go in all different directions?
Aren't they moody and needy and unpredictable?" 
Ummmm, not really, no, not really.
What IF... children could DO what they wanted with whatever materials they chose?
What IF...children could THINK of an idea then try it out with whatever materials they chose?
What IF... children could INVENT anything they wanted with whatever materials they chose?

Happy Reading.
Looking forward to writing Zella in Year Two...


  1. Happy 1st blog anniversary Jeanne! I'm happy to have found you and your wonderful blog.

  2. Happy Anniversary Jeanne! You should be proud of the incredible work you are doing... I especially love these posts you've listed. So grateful to be "working" with you. Cheers and love, Janet

  3. @jenny and janet - thanks to two of the most inspiring bloggers out there, YOU! Cheers to all who support young children :)


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