one word: brilliant

Loved the idea of One Word as a guiding light for 2012.

Christie at Childhood 101 talked about her word: Balance.

Scott at Brick by Brick chose the word: Choose.

My word: Brilliant.
I strive to live healthy, offer gestures of kindness, to assume goodwill. 
I value the support of those around me to help me build a brilliantly joyful 2012. 
In the classroom. 
I strive to see all children's efforts with a brilliant lens...a 'that child is offering their best today' lens. 
I want the brilliance of the children's work to be uplifted by my communicating, documenting and photography.

oh, to live a life that is brilliant.


  1. brilliant, Miss Jeanne.
    My word? Joy, of course.
    Brilliant Joy! what a combination. Let's live it!!

  2. Lovely post.
    It is hard to pick one word though! OK, I will go with "Illuminate."
    Thanks for giving me a word.

  3. @Pam - Ah, yes, "do nothing without JOY!"

  4. @Marla - ohhhh, ILLUMINATE looks even better in all caps! Have an illuminating year at Atelierista!


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