work worth doing

what is your work? is it worth doing? do you believe in it?
"you have to remember,
[the work] was worth doing when nobody knew about you at all."
(james taylor to the dixie chicks in a collaborative concert, expressing his support for them playing exactly the music they wanted to play and saying exactly what they wanted to say, period, with complete disregard for what is popular or popular or popular).

Sometimes I am just stunned. It happens in moments when least expected, the best time really. Stunned in a way that makes you realize Somebody Knows About You in the blogosphere.

Have just finished dinner (California time, Sunday evening, Jan 8).
Have just read Christie at Childhood 101 : 12 Great Blogs to Read in 2012  (posted Australia time, Monday, Jan 9):
Christie included Zella Said Purple in her 
12 Blogs To Read in 2012. 

Makes me smile to know Zella (and me) are alive out there in the early education blogging world.
That Zella is read by people like the ever-amazing Christie and passed on and shared.
Ironically, equally, I know that the format of Zella is less usual compared to other early education blogs that perhaps share craft ideas or activities or lessons. Zella likely touches on those occasionally but not purposefully. 
Zella is about stories and uplifting learning that happens while children are Hands On, Making Choices, Discovering and Making Meaning Of Their World. It is all in the story.

I thank Christie...and recommend giving a click on the 11 inspiring blogs mentioned in her post:
enjoy your work...make it worthwhile to YOU.
(number 4 is Zella!)

[The work] should always be worth doing - whatever you are writing, to whom you are writing, for whatever cause or purpose or higher regard.
It should always be worth something to YOU... before anything else.


  1. Well deserved! You are right up there on my list too :)

  2. @jenny - I can always count on you for even more great support and cheer! so thrilled that we are e-colleagues!


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