mud muffins from the outdoor kitchen

Oh, to bake in a muddy sandy outdoor kitchen.
Oh, to collect the sand,
bucket up the water,
sprinkle it all into a muffin pan,
smash it and stir it with a long blue spoon, and - don't forget - add a dash more water with a metal teapot...

Oh, to bake in a muddy sandy outdoor kitchen.
Come on in, order up a muffin and have a chat with this 4-year-old baker..there will likely be some magical ingredients in this clever recipe.

What are some of YOUR favorite tools to have available in your sand/mud area? 


  1. The muffin tins look like fun! We have some old ice cube trays in our sandbox that my girls love playing with.

  2. These mud muffins bring back so many memories. My daughter used to make them and we used an old Little Tykes bed frame to create a fast food restaurant window and place orders. This year we are planning a real outdoor kitchen where we can cook and entertain together. The years go by too fast.


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