three words: Uncover Their Story

I was inspired by Scott at Brick by Brick and his 'One Word: Listen' post this week.
I reflected back on my own post from last year with MY One Word: Brilliant post and do feel like I lived fairly brilliantly for 2012.
Uncovering Jack's story of his straw and stick flying aircraft.

My new word for 2013 is not one word but three...
My focus is to Uncover Their Story when working with children. 
To do this, it requires

I am fascinated by Process - and the Diversity of Process - by which individual children embrace their play.
I am fascinated by Use of Materials and how attaching, connecting, layering and technique come together to create some sort of collage or aircraft or kite.

I am fascinated by the life of children.
I am eager to Uncover Their Story and share those stories with you.

Do YOU have a word for 2013?


  1. Thanks for the mention, Jeanne. I love your words. Uncovering the children's stories is one of my favorite things to do, too.

    1. Scott - Thanks for the inspiration. I likely should have used the word Write to ensure that I Write more for Zella this year, too!

  2. My word for 2013 is Thankful! That I have children to watch, much to learn and new opportunities. Oh, and that you are posting again!
    Being in a state of thankfulness reminds me to really "be".


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