domino highway

Gotta love dominoes of any kind. Once you start playing, it is sort of addictive!
Try different kinds of BLOCKS, or CEREAL BOXES, or rectangular SPONGES, or LEGOs or actual DOMINOES: line them up - or design in a swirl or make a race with friends - then give them a little PUSH...
These boys took the challenge to new heights.
I had never seen children put dominoes up on a second level like this.
The boys worked together, steady hands, and repeated their attempts again and again (just like we all do when getting a focus for a game of dominoes!).

"I'll work from this end, you work from that end..."
"I think that domino in the middle started by itself!"

"Here we go! We used dominoes in our hands to give the PUSH and the whole top of the highway went down!" Please note that none of the pieces even fell off the highway! wow!
Great for:
  • small motor
  • hand-eye coordination
  • space planning
  • problem solving
  • creative design
  • cause & effect (IF I push this, THEN these will fall over...)
  • indoors or outside
  • done alone, with partner or in a group
  • varied complexity depending on age, interest,  & objects used
Read for a game of Dominoes?
Have fun, be patient, and see how far your domino highway 
- or ground level road - 
can travel!


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  5. Wow, such precision from the kids - great photos. Thanks for linking up with the Play Academy.


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