hungry caterpillar felt story

I was inspired by NurtureStore's The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities and wanted to offer one more to help celebrate the work of the incredible Eric Carle.

[ *I should note that this post is unusual in that it presents "my work" that I created to add to the children's hands-on choices in the classroom. There is always - always - room to adjust the example for children to be the inventors of these characters or others, in felt or paper, as puppets, on sticks, whatever works for your child or children :) ]

You can write the story on a long cardstock or use index cards...or memorize it :)
When I first began teaching many years ago, I started making games and activities that could extend math or literacy related experiences for preschool age children.

I decided one day to make a FELT STORY of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I fondly remember spending a few nights with Colored Felt, Scissors, Hole Punch, TVHC Book, and Glue. The result was quite impressive, colorful and ready to be used by young hands!

Tip: If you have never made a felt story before, they are fun and easy! You can literally make the key characters and objects from a story using all felt OR you can use colored paper or the computer to then attach a bit of felt or velcro on the back and that should work just fine on a flannel board. Or, attach a bit of magnet to use on a magnet board! (and, the floor works just fine with less than four children!)

"by the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf..."

"...the sun...and out popped the little caterpillar..."

"Monday...the very hungry caterpillar at through one apple...still hungry"

"Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...2,3,4,5...still hungry"

"Saturday...uh,oh...tummy ache"
"Sunday one leaf...then so big...then cocoon...then WAIT...then Voila! A Beautiful Butterfly!"

Obviously, I didn't write the full story in the photo boxes, yet  - of course - you should uplift the integrity of the story by doing so when you share with children!

I have found that children take wonderful care of felt pieces and stories when you organize them in a way that sends that message = perhaps a basket, a shoebox or even a zip-bag with a label. Certainly things happen over time - like our dear butterfly has had her antennae snipped a bit - but overall children want to care for and re-create the story! They especially love the "junk food", the strawberries, the very full caterpillar...and The Butterfly!

Cheers to Eric Carle and all his dearly loved books!


  1. Beautiful! I love the versatility of felt- kids are just enamoured by it aren't they?! Well done on creating something so lovely for them to use- I can tell that took you a long time!

  2. @Anna - thanks for the comments :) Yes, children sure love felt pieces, fabric, or texture to run their fingers over.
    (by the way - I had an "OH, NO!" moment when I read your compliment regarding my work on this felt story...I am a constructivist and project based educator so reading something where the attention is on MY work was/is very odd and rather uncomfortable. Hmmm. Going to re-evaluate how I present "my work" in the future). Thank you!

  3. This is great! C has a colorforms set with The Hungry Caterpillar! I Love the felt set better! Awesome! YOu should link this idea up under my Eric Carle Post or:

  4. @ Melissa!
    I did link up at Amazingchild...#57 is my zella post. Thanks for the good cheer for the felt story!
    Have a great day!

  5. Felt is an excellent way to go through the story with the children. I have used felt with groups of children, but no reason why it couldn't be done with just one or two at home. The children would be love to be involved and put the "felt" story together. Thanks.

  6. @Carolyn - thanks for the comments! Children love handling the individual felt pieces as the story comes to life, or putting the pieces in other funny orders to retell the story in a totally different way!

  7. Kids love variety, and the felt allows the child to build the story while the parent is reading it. Great idea!


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