parachute juggling

(This looks just too happy not to share...)
"Hold on...lean down with your edge...1 -2 -3...explode UP!!"

a team of 16 four-year-olds and one teacher were able to make this gorgeous shot happen!

1. YOU can do mini-parachutes using scarves or blankets or beach towels! You can find light weight objects to "explode" together - ping pong balls, little stuffed animals, hats, get the idea! 

2. IF you have a few extra people, you could use an old flat bed sheet...
and IF you have a few EXTRA EXTRA people, you could use TWO bed sheets for two teams and try to toss objects from one sheet to the other - Parachute Volleyball game :) (** water balloons are pretty fun to use for this game!!)

3. IF you really do have a parachute - or great big sheet -  you can do some SCRAMBLING UNDER the parachute when it is up in the air and try to get to the opposite side of the 'chute!

a boy in mid-scramble to get to the other side of the parachute!!

Have a
wonderful, outdoors,
laughter-filled weekend.


  1. What's not to love about parachute play!! Beautiful photos :)

  2. @youclevermonkey - thanks! have a great day.


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