4 truly loved valentine books

Last week I posted about how our class celebrates Valentines to connect family and school. You can read that post called 'Got Valentines?' by clicking here.

I realized I need  - truly that is the word NEED - to share my favorite and best loved Valentines books...
Here are my 4 Top Picks:

1. Frog in Love. by Max Velthuijs. Sadly, it is no longer in print so I suggest you search the amazon world for it because it is the most heart felt and sweet story of Frog who falls in love with Duck. The illustrations are tremendously lovely. Perhaps my favorite book on "love" :)

2. Franklin's Valentines. by Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark. You know all about the Franklin series of books. The characters are so well done with Bear, Owl and all the friends. IN this Valentine adventure, Franklin has a little mishap with his special cards for his friends and -well - I won't tell you how it all gets resolved [but it does!].

3. The Day It Rained Hearts. [also know as Four Valentines in a Rainstorm]. by Felicia Bond (the 'If You Give a Mouse' author!). Such a simple, sweet story of one girl who makes extra special Valentines for her extra special friends. Super short story and young children love trying to guess which Valentine is for which kind of friend.

4. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. by Eileen Spinelli & Paul Yalowitz. Oh, how I do love this longer story of dear, quiet Mr. Hatch who [accidentally] gets a Valentine box of chocolates delivered to his house. The delivery makes him think someone Does love him and he begins to have confidence to talk to co-workers and become a bit more connected in his neighborhood. Oh, and how sad when the box is determined to not really be his - so sad for only a moment. Mr. Hatch's new friends let him know they Do love him :)

Do you have a favorite read for this time of year?


  1. You've got two of my favorites here--The Day it Rained Hearts and Mr. Hatch. The third, which we've been reading over and over this week, is "One Zillion Valentines" by Frank Modell. Marvin loves valentine's day; Marvin is unconvinced. But they make a zillion valentines, deliver them to everyone in the neighborhood, and have enough left over for a valentine stand. When they sell them all, Marvin buys Milton his first valentine with the money. I love the emphasis on making valentines; the idea that valentine's day is for everyone (even boys who are friends), all the different types of valentines they make...it's great all around.

    1. Lise - Thanks so much for the new recommendation! I do not know One Zillion Valentines yet will search for it soon! I agree that both genders enjoying the ideals of valentines - friendship and caring - is so important. cheers.


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