"then, somebody created sound"

Our 4-page movie story called "Ladybug on a Bike" - with flashlight and popcorn!
Project based work makes each school year unique and exciting.
One year, we went on a fabulous journey in our Movie Theatre Project.

Stage One:
Teachers and children identify a topic worth studying.
In this case, the children realized that two of our chapter book read-aloud books were also movies they knew about: Charlotte's Web & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This began our discussion around how books become movies and how movies can show you a story a bit different than a book.

Stage Two:
Collecting data.
We planned a visit to our local independent Theatre. The workers there were wonderful to allow us to come during a morning time when we could have the theatre to ourselves. We generated a list of questions that we would ask and brought our camera.
Here are some of the things we learned, via photos and children's memory drawings:

Stage 3:
Exploration and re-enactment.
We created our own Movie Theatre in our classroom, under our loft. We worked in groups to create large story pages and then made up our own story as a whole class. Our biggest hit was "Ladybug on a Bike" !
We studied newspapers to see how movies are promoted.
We made signage, collected items from home to create uniforms, snack area, and used time and money in our signs and announcement.
We invited other classes of students to visit our theatre, hear our movie which was told live by a student for each show, and popcorn was really "sold" to our guests.

Stage 4: Celebration.
We invited our families to come in and hear the process of our project, to "hear" our movie and to have a feast to celebrate the rich learning of the three-month Movie Theatre Project.

Don't you love how books become movies?


  1. Love the project and its inspiration! Have your children been nominated for a People's Choice Award?!

    1. Thanks for the comments :) The project was quite rich on many levels! Glad to have found your blog, as well!


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