what children hear...

Was out shopping today at a gorgeous outdoor shopping center in California.
Was sitting on a bench that had two lovely trees as bookends.
"Look! This tree has an umbrella shaped top!" -- "What? We are going to Jamba Juice?"
Each tree had been specially trimmed to have its branches arranged in a flat top that fanned out, almost like a spider web design, and also was twisted with small lights which turn on at dusk.

As I was sitting having coffee, a mother with two young boys started walking by.
The mother stopped the boys right in front of me and said:
"Boys, look at the top of this tree. When the leaves come in it will look like an umbrella!"

The youngest boy spun around on one foot and looked all around.
The older boy, perhaps five years old, looked straight at his mother and replied:
"What did you say? We are going to Jamba Juice?"

[Jamba Juice is a well known chain of juice stores  - there is one in the background of the photo.]

The mother burst out laughing, as did I. 
The mother said, "No, I didn't say we were going to Jamba Juice. I said, look at this tree and see how it has an umbrella shape at the top."

"Oh," said the older boy. "So, we are not getting juice?"

"Come on, boys, time to keep walking..."

The mother and I smiled at each other.
Off they went.

I am still smiling.

How often do YOU have the experience of the "selective listening" or the "edit to one's advantage" kind of listening by your children or students? It does happen, I know it does.


  1. Haha love it! I remember many selective listening experiences from when I was teaching!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! We must be connected this morning because I am just finishing the blog post all about Mariana :) Thanks again!


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